2nd Foundation Music

2FM004 Ambient Piano

Posted on Jan 04, 2016

Sparse piano atmospheres with emotional, subtle synths. The album is restrained without distraction crafted around one core emotion.

Track Listing

  1. Haunted by the Past
  2. Difficult Decision
  3. Questioning Morality
  4. Timeless Reflection
  5. Floating Clouds
  6. Fear of Loneliness
  7. Uncertain Futures
  8. Understated Wonder
  9. Morning Breeze
  10. Uneasy Questions
  11. Forgiving
  12. Dreams of the Future
  13. Introspective Contemplation
  14. New Dawn
  15. Test of Character
  16. Thoughtful Questions


Daryl Griffith Composer
Pauline Hawsthorne Composer
Gabriel Trott Composer
Bradley Farmer Composer & Recording Engineer
Gerry O'Riordan Mix Engineer
Wes Hicks ProTools Operator
Dan Hayman Album Artwork

Performed by Daryl Griffith and Wes Hicks