2nd Foundation Music

2FM006 Classical: Power & Drama

Posted on Jan 06, 2016

Classical: Power & Drama is an album of versatile tracks which have a strong basis in well-known pieces of music. The thematic material of each track is easily identifiable but has undergone a vast expansion in scale, orchestration, and counter-melody, in order to update the music for synchronisation with modern programming. The Greats have been made greater, including Bach, Vivaldi, and Purcell. The album is ideal for promos of any description. The emotion already present in the original versions of the tracks has been amplified so that the music can easily compete with the huge scale of modern scores. Sports promos in particular will benefit greatly from a pairing with this music. A more literal usage of this album is for programmes wishing to synchronise these famous pieces but with a more modern orchestration.

Track Listing

  1. Impending Destiny
  2. Facing the Challenge
  3. Anguish Overflows
  4. Rugged Determination
  5. Festival Royale
  6. Never Surrender
  7. Towards the Flames
  8. Final Voyage
  9. Regal Ceremony
  10. Gates to Hell
  11. Jubilant
  12. End in Sight


Daryl Griffith Composer
Gabriel Trott Composer
Chris Trent Composer
Bradley Farmer Session Producer
Gerry O'Riordan Mix Engineer
Tamás Kurina Recording Engineer
Csaba Lőkös Orchestral Contractor
Wes Hicks Music Editor
Dan Hayman Album Artwork

Performed by The Budapest Film Orchestra, Conducted by Daryl Griffith