2nd Foundation Music

2FM010 Cinematic Folklore

Posted on Jan 10, 2016

Quirky character tracks and subtle beds with folk and world flavours, covering celtic atmospheres, quirky victoriana and medieval fantasy.

Track Listing

  1. Celtic Shanty
  2. The Gypsy Fiddler
  3. Humid Southern Heat
  4. Arid Mirage
  5. Absent Friends
  6. Southern Homestead
  7. Traversing the Dunes
  8. Travelling Troubadour
  9. Marauding Vagabonds
  10. Forest Oracle
  11. The Fortune Teller
  12. Dusty Road
  13. Long Way From Home
  14. Courtly Dance
  15. A Wrong Turn
  16. Woodland Soul
  17. Lady Of The Lake
  18. Townsfolk Celebration


Bradley Farmer Composer & Session Producer
James Semple Composer
Daryl Griffith Composer
Gerry O'Riordan Mix Engineer
Tamás Kurina & Wes Hicks Recording Engineers
Csaba Lőkös & Levine Andrade Orchestral Contractors
Seb Truman Guitars
Richard Harwood Cello
Daryl Griffith Fiddle & Harmonium
Neil Varley Accordion
Colman Connolly Uilleann Pipes
Keith Thomson Ethnic Woodwind
Wes Hicks Music Editor
Dan Hayman Album Artwork