2nd Foundation Music

2FM014 Tuned Percussion

Posted on May 01, 2016

A fun album with reflective drama ostinatos, mesmeric documentary beds & child-like storytelling themes, using a band of tuned percussionists.

Track Listing

  1. Towards Achievement
  2. Internal Emotions
  3. Rapid Escape
  4. Buoyant Journey
  5. Magical Journey
  6. Unwanted Assignment
  7. Inescapable Pursuit
  8. Positive Ventures
  9. Positive Hypnosis
  10. Mysterious Investigation
  11. Introspective Undulations
  12. Quirky Indolence
  13. Eerie Memories
  14. Warm Reflection
  15. Nonchalant Synergy
  16. Acceptance


Bradley Farmer Composer
Gerry O'Riordan Mix Engineer
Wes Hicks Recording Engineer
Csaba Lőkös Orchestral Contractor
Daryl Griffith Piano & Celesta
Sebastian Guard Percussionist
Kinga Szilágyi Harpist
Dan Hayman Album Artwork

Produced for 2nd Foundation Music by Bradley Farmer