2nd Foundation Music

2FM017 Piano Motion

Posted on Aug 01, 2016

A simple album of short piano miniatures covering a diverse breadth of motions from shimmering, undulating ripples to spiky, aggressive action.

Track Listing

  1. New Life
  2. Nervous Undertaking
  3. Glistening Wonderment
  4. Realisation And Acceptance
  5. Warmth Of Home
  6. Uneasy Decision
  7. Fresh Morning
  8. Sense Of Belonging
  9. Sweet Memories
  10. Simple Story
  11. Final Challenge
  12. Intriguing Tension
  13. Rhythmic Industry
  14. Personal Pride
  15. Unwelcome Decision
  16. Amongst Friends
  17. Weighing The Consequences
  18. Sprightly Celebration
  19. Buoyant Energy
  20. Relaxing Comforts
  21. Unsettling Thoughts
  22. Against The Clock
  23. Accepting Fate
  24. Courtly Drama
  25. Uneasy Events
  26. Sweet Lullabye
  27. Contented Innocence
  28. Lonely Revelations
  29. Mysterious Companion
  30. Innocent Musings
  31. Devious Prankster
  32. Missed Opportunities
  33. Whimsical Anticipation
  34. Mists Of Concealment
  35. Rushing To Completion
  36. Peaceful Memories
  37. Extraordinary Energy
  38. Pangs Of Regret
  39. Mounting Pressure
  40. Bright Confidence


Gabriel Trott Composer
Carles Piles Composer
Bradley Farmer Composer
Chris Trent Composer
Daryl Griffith Composer
Robert Allen Elliott Composer
Pauline Hawsthorne Composer
Neil Cartwright Composer
James Semple Composer
Kurt Weiss Composer
Geoffrey Osman Composer
Daryl Griffith Piano Solo
Bradley Farmer Session Producer & Music Editor
Gerry O'Riordan Recording Engineer
Wes Hicks Mix Engineer
Dan Hayman Album Artwork