2nd Foundation Music

2FM018 Family Film Scoring

Posted on Sep 01, 2016

An album of fantasy, family filmscore tracks with sweeping large orchestra, glitzy orchestration, expressive melodies & larger-than-life characters.

Track Listing

  1. Believe in Possibilities
  2. Many Hands Make Light Work
  3. At One With The Earth
  4. Sweet Dreams
  5. Youthful Innocence
  6. The Adventure Begins
  7. A Day In The Life
  8. No Place Like Home
  9. Portly Pomposity
  10. On With The Show
  11. Peeping Woodfolk
  12. Imps and Goblins
  13. Conflicted Emotions
  14. No Time To Waste
  15. Unrequited Lament
  16. The Royal Ballroom


Wes Hicks & Bradley Farmer Session Producers
Gerry O'Riordan Mix Engineer
Tamás Kurina Recording Engineer
Csaba Lőkös Orchestral Contractor
Daryl Griffith Violin & Piano Solo
Wes Hicks & Robin D'Arcy Music Editors
Kinga Lőkös Assistant Orchestral Contractor
Dan Hayman Album Artwork

Composed & Conducted by Daryl Griffith. Performed by The Budapest Film Orchestra