2nd Foundation Music

2FM023 Intimate Drama - Piano & Cello

Posted on Mar 01, 2017

Cello & piano duet score drama with an intimate feel. Simple, sparse pieces of anxiety, tranquillity, bittersweet pathos, romance & danger

Track Listing

  1. Path Of The Determined
  2. Barren Lands
  3. The Few Survivors
  4. Overcoming Desolation
  5. Loss Of A Lover
  6. Game Of Trust
  7. Watercolour Introspection
  8. Warmest Nostalgia
  9. Fond Reflection
  10. Native Grandeur
  11. Emotional Quandary
  12. Quirky Misalliance
  13. Angular Momentum
  14. A Warmer Time
  15. Overwrought Acceptance


Daryl Griffith Piano
Bozidar Vukotic Cello
Bradley Farmer Session Producer
Gerry O'Riordan Recording Engineer
Wes Hicks Mix Engineer
Wes Hicks & Ivan Cheng Music Editors
Levine Andrade Orchestral Contractor
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Dan Hayman Album Artwork

Composed by Daryl Griffith