2nd Foundation Music

2FM025 Piano Simplicity

Posted on May 06, 2017

Simple, sparse piano pieces depicting emotions through whimsical melodies, sprightly motion & barren tolls, whilst working effortlessly under dialogue

Track Listing

  1. Positive Futures
  2. Whimsical Innocence
  3. Lonely Thoughts
  4. Tranquil Reflections
  5. Hopeful Confidence
  6. Undulating Flow
  7. Progressive Simplicity
  8. Sprightly Innocence
  9. Estranged
  10. Lyrical Imagination
  11. Joyful Animation
  12. Empty Promise
  13. Eager Expectancy
  14. Hopeful Contemplation
  15. Uneasy Anxiety
  16. Clockwork Energy
  17. Gentle Assurance


Daryl Griffith Pianist
Wes Hicks Recording & Mix Engineer
Wes Hicks Session Producer
Ivan Cheng & Wes Hicks Audio Editors
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Dan Hayman Album Artwork

Composed by Pauline Hawsthorne, Gabriel Trott & Kurt Weiss. Recorded at The Institute of Sound Recording