2nd Foundation Music

2FM028 Uplifting Success: Piano Quintet

Posted on Sep 08, 2017

2FM028 Uplifting Success: Piano Quintet is a joyous celebration of optimism, hope and reaching for the future. Written for Piano and String Quartet by acclaimed composer Robert Allen Elliott, the music brims with bubbly, conversational melodies, fresh pizzicato Strings, and perky, rhythmic accompaniments. The album covers a range of musical settings and atmospheres, from driving motivation to skipping optimism and warm reflection. Explore a spectrum of sounds, such as cool pizzicato loops and an unexpected percussive cello, as well as soaring Violin solos over myriad textures and warm harmonies.

Track Listing

  1. Approaching Synergy
  2. Open Communication
  3. Common Goal
  4. Harmonious Community
  5. Joined Up Thinking
  6. Inspired Thinking
  7. A New Day
  8. Innovative Workflow
  9. Inspiring Ideas
  10. Reaching Out
  11. Fulfilling Potential
  12. Forward Planning
  13. Positive Development
  14. Fresh Inspiration
  15. Successful Endeavours


Robert Allen Elliott Composer
Daryl Griffith Pianist
John Mills & Jeremy Isaac Violins I & II
Levine Andrade Viola
Bozidar Vukotic Violoncello
Ivan Cheng & Wes Hicks Recording Engineers
Wes Hicks Mix Engineer
Bradley Farmer & Daryl Griffith Session Producers
Ivan Cheng & Wes Hicks Audio Editors
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Dan Hayman Album Artwork

Recorded at the Institute of Sound Recording, UK.