2nd Foundation Music

2FM029 Pizzicato Portraits

Posted on Oct 05, 2017

2FM029 Pizzicato Portraits is a gallery of characters brought to life with mischievous plucked strings, delicate woodwind and dainty touches of percussion. Discover a range of unique personalities, emotions, settings and scenarios, from the cool, urban “Free Stylin’” to the tender “Floating Like A Cloud”, the curious “Tinkering Around” to the perilous “Setting the Trap”, the innocence of “Playful Hopscotch” to the quiet unrest of “Troubled Thoughts”. Taking inspiration from the world of dance, there’s also the Tango-inspired “Art of Seduction”, the confident “Perky Polka” and a delicate waltz in “Magical Innocence”. This music is uplifting yet understated, warm, light-hearted and evocative. The uses for pizzicato strings are wide-ranging, as they work perfectly as underscores with accompanying dialogue as well as on their own. This album caters particularly for reality TV, advertising, game shows, children’s TV and daytime programming, and will work for corporate use and light news. Some tracks are even suitable for drama, comedy and soap operas. All tracks are available in a variety of versions as well as in stems, so the music can be tailored precisely to your needs.

Track Listing

  1. Perky Polka
  2. Free-stylin'
  3. Cheeky Chimes
  4. Countryside Morning
  5. Early Bird
  6. Toe in the Water
  7. Quirky Seduction
  8. Clueless Innocence
  9. Looking for Clues
  10. Cool as a Cucumber
  11. Curious Affairs
  12. Tinkering Around
  13. Troubled Thoughts
  14. Relax in Comfort
  15. Unwanted Meddling
  16. Setting the Trap
  17. Playful Hopscotch
  18. Baby Steps
  19. Floating Like a Cloud
  20. Magical Innocence


Daryl Griffith Composer
Péter Barabás Recording Engineer
Wes Hicks Mix Engineer
Ivan Cheng & Wes Hicks Session Producers
Ivan Cheng & Wes Hicks Audio Editors
Mastering Engineer Gregory Heath
Album Artwork Dan Hayman

Filmed at the Tom Tom Studios in Budapest with the Budapest Film Orchestra, conducted by Daryl Griffith.