2nd Foundation Music

2FM031 Contemporary String Quartet

Posted on Feb 05, 2018

2FM031 Contemporary String Quartet is an album of quartet pieces from a contemporary perspective. Haunting, shimmering harmonies and unique textures depict a range of moods, from cold, sparse loneliness and anxious fear to calm serenity and warm reflection. Contributions from composers Daryl Griffith, Bradley Farmer, Carles Piles and Neil Cartwright make for a multi-faceted collection, which draws on the abstract, minimalist and hypnotic qualities of contemporary music. Everything on the album was recorded live in the studio, bringing to life the intimacy, energy and passion of a string quartet.

Track Listing

  1. Cliff Edge
  2. Fraught Anxiety
  3. Through the Rain
  4. Scampering Rats
  5. No Way Out
  6. Caught in the Trap
  7. Hopeless Abandon
  8. Wistful Reminiscence
  9. Amid Ruins
  10. Mists of Infinity
  11. Nervous Undulations
  12. Angular Uncertainty
  13. Gentle Unfolding
  14. Quirky Disorientation
  15. Regretful Contemplation
  16. Tranquil Gardens
  17. Sleepy Haze
  18. Lonely Moors
  19. Dark Momentum
  20. Emerging Hope


John Mills Violin I
Jeremy Isaac Violin II
Levine Andrade Viola
Bozidar Vukotic Violoncello
Ivan Cheng & Wes Hicks Recording Engineers
Wes Hicks Mix Engineer
Daryl Griffith Session Producer
Alex Symeonides, Christopher Elmslie & Liz Ng Audio Editors
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Dan Bullock Album Artwork

Composed by Neil Cartwright, Bradley Farmer, Daryl Griffith & Carles Piles and recorded at The Institute of Sound Recording, UK.