2nd Foundation Music

2FM032 Anthemic Orchestral Rock

Posted on Mar 07, 2018

2FM032 Anthemic Orchestral Rock is an instrumental album that combines the sounds of an epic, stadium-filling rock band with a sumptuous, sweeping string orchestra. Every track blossoms from tender, intimate atmospheres to expansive, enigmatic soundscapes bursting with colour, energy and power. The album takes influences from acoustic folk textures (Growing Up) to prog rock (Epic Ascent), and glam rock (Grit & Determination) to atmospheric rock (Unfolding Beauty). Lyrical and motivational, the music bristles with tensions between darkness and light, urban and wilderness, and grit and glamour. Moods range from relaxed (Summer Festival) to determined (Bright Energy), Americana swagger (Determined Inspiration) to flowing (Positive Flow). Following from 2FM019 Cinematic Guitar Moods, this is the second 2FM album written by Bradley Farmer and Sebastian Truman. Many tracks from the album will pair well with epic action picture, extreme sports, and the great outdoors, as well as for corporate and motivational use, drama and a variety of advertising applications. This larger-than-life music will flourish in a centre-stage, cinematic setting, but all tracks are available in a variety of versions and stems to tone down for underscores. Each track comprises two moods – usually tender and calm, building to powerful and uplifting – which each work well in their own right as standalone tracks.

Track Listing

  1. Determined Inspiration
  2. Positive Flow
  3. Unfolding Beauty
  4. Epic Ascent
  5. Bright Energy
  6. Bursting into Life
  7. Bittersweet Synergy
  8. Driving Towards Light
  9. Growing Up
  10. Happy Nostalgia
  11. City Reflections
  12. Summer Festival
  13. Emotional Cascades
  14. Building Revelations
  15. New Possibilities
  16. Bright Horizons
  17. Unwavering Motivation
  18. Grit & Determination


Bradley Farmer & Sebastian Truman Composers
Daryl Griffith Conductor
Jonny Brister (drums), Bradley Farmer (piano), Lily Meuross (vocals), Sebastian Truman (vocals, guitar, bass), Budapest Film Orchestra (strings) Session Musicians
Lőkös Csaba & Lőkös Kinga Orchestral Contractors
Kurina Tamás, Sebastian Truman & Bradley Farmer Recording Engineers
Wes Hicks Mix Engineer
Sebastian Truman, Bradley Farmer & Wes Hicks Session Producers
Ivan Cheng, Christopher Elmslie, Sebastian Truman & Bradley Farmer Audio Engineers
Wes Hicks Audio Editor
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer

Recorded at TYE London, Rosewood Studios & Pembroke Studios (UK) & Tom Tom Studios (Budapest).