2nd Foundation Music

2FM033 Cyclic Underscores

Posted on Apr 20, 2018

2FM033 Cyclic Underscores is an album of minimalistic, cyclic tracks using tuned percussion, strings, piano and a variety of percussive instruments. Tracks build on a simple theme, developing with new sounds layering in colourful interplaying textures and motivational rhythms. From calm neutral beds (“Focus on Facts”) to uplifting, sparkling positivity (“Optimistic Future”), and childlike innocence (“Lullaby Waltz”) to light quizzical investigation (“Measuring Data”), each track gently suggests a single mood without overwhelming the accompanying picture. With documentaries, reality TV, news, short videos, infographics and corporate usage firmly in mind, this album will be useful for a broad range of applications. Tracks are all single-mood and mostly optimistic or neutral in nature, building in clean, gradual layers. All instruments were recorded live, ensuring the best possible quality of sound, and are available in stems. With a wide variety of versions per track and many loop points, all music can be adapted to meet the client’s precise specifications.

Track Listing

  1. Morning Animation
  2. Rainforest Vibes
  3. Measuring Data
  4. Inspiring Energy
  5. Bright World
  6. Work in Progress
  7. Soft Hope
  8. Focus on Facts
  9. Deep Space
  10. Optimistic Future
  11. Warm Contentment
  12. Restless Energy
  13. Far From Home
  14. Undercover Operation
  15. Lullaby Waltz


Daryl Griffith Composer
Wes Hicks (percussion, tuned percussion, bass), Daryl Griffith (piano, viola), Ivan Cheng (Violin I) Rhiannon Hitt (Violin II), Chris Elmslie (shaker) Session Musicians
Ivan Cheng & Wes Hicks Recording Engineers
Wes Hicks Mix Engineer
Bradley Farmer, Daryl Griffith & Wes Hicks Session Producers
Wes Hicks & Christopher Elmslie Audio Editors
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Dan Bullock Album Artwork

Recorded at the Institute of Sound Recording, Surrey, UK.