2nd Foundation Music

2FM042 || Promo Mixes: Volume 01

Posted on Jan 30, 2019

Bolder, brasher and more blasting than ever before, 2FM042 Promo Mixes: Volume 01 features some of 2FM’s classic hybrid orchestral tracks remastered especially for the loudest, most earth-shattering moments on screen. Featuring energetic strings, powerful brass and dramatic drums - recorded live - alongside gritty custom synth textures, this album is packed with intense force. This album features a mix of moods: dark espionage operations (“Mission Preparation”, “Target Acquired”), heartfelt epics (“Emotional Inevitability”, “Keeping Hope Alive”), gritty urban chases ("Illegal Download”, “Rogue Pursuit”), determined tenacity (“Relentless Determination”, “Refuse the Inevitable”) and all-out campaigns for glory (“Impending Adversary”, “Striving for Victory”). Tracks on this album appeared originally on 2FM001 Orchestral Hybrids and 2FM016 Industrial Hybrids: Beds & Builders. All tracks were composed by Daryl Griffith & Bradley Farmer. This wide-ranging selection of tracks will be suitable for promos, films, advertising, contemporary urban settings, investigations, espionage, extreme sports and dramatic action. Tracks are also available in 60-second and 30-second versions, and are easily editable to more customised timings.

Track Listing

  1. Illegal Download
  2. Emotional Inevitability
  3. Striving for Victory
  4. Rogue Pursuit
  5. Relentless Determination
  6. Seeds of Urgency
  7. Keeping Hope Alive
  8. Mission Preparation
  9. Target Acquired
  10. Refuse the Inevitable
  11. Last Man Standing
  12. Investigatory Progress
  13. Impending Adversary
  14. Evading Surveillance
  15. Tension and Discovery
  16. Frictious Suspense
  17. Cautious Tension
  18. Stealthy Surveillance


Daryl Griffith & Bradley Farmer Composers
Budapest Film Orchestra & London Telefilmonic Orchestra Orchestra
Daryl Griffith Session Conductor
Levine Andrade, Csaba Lőkös & Kinga Lőkös Orchestral Contractors
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Dan Bullock Album Art
Institute of Sound Recording & Tom Tom Studio D, Budapest Recording Studios