2nd Foundation Music

2FM044 || Drama String Beds

Posted on Mar 29, 2019

The latest in 2FM’s hybrid orchestra series, 2FM044 Drama String Beds is an underscore album of string orchestra and sparse piano with subtle synth textures and delicate percussion. Tracks include anxious atmospheres (“March Towards Destiny”), tense moods (“On Edge”), melancholy reflections (“Uncertain Direction”) and emotional textures (“Surge of Emotion”). This album is perfect for accompanying on-screen dialogue and voiceovers, and when subtle underscore atmospheres are required. 2FM044 Drama String Beds features tracks written by Daryl Griffith, Bradley Farmer & Christopher Elmslie. This album is suitable for drama and drama-inspired documentaries as well as crime, investigations and tense reality TV. All tracks are built around a recurring loop or theme so the music is easy to cut and tailor to picture, and ready-made 60-second, 30-second and sting cutdowns are also available for each track. All instruments were recorded to stems for further ease of editing, and Alt, Sparse and Underscore versions come ready to use.

Track Listing

  1. Tense Agitation
  2. Anxious Decision
  3. Disturbing Threat
  4. Driving Determination
  5. Determined Resolve
  6. Searching for Meaning
  7. Facing the Truth
  8. On Edge
  9. March Towards Destiny
  10. Uncertain Direction
  11. Surge of Emotion
  12. Edge of Danger
  13. Depths of Sadness
  14. Urgent Determination
  15. Dark Strides


Daryl Griffith, Bradley Farmer & Christopher Elmslie Composers
Daryl Griffith Conductor
Strings - Budapest Film Orchestra, Piano - Daryl Griffith Session Musicians
Csaba Lőkös & Kinga Lőkös Orchestral Contractors
Wes Hicks Session Producer
Péter Barabás & Wes Hicks Recording Engineer
Wes Hicks Audio Editor
Christopher Elmslie Synth Programming
Wes Hicks Mix Engineer
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Tom Tom Studio D, Budapest Recorded at
Dan Bullock Album Artwork