2nd Foundation Music

2FM046 || Positive Inspiration

Posted on Jun 05, 2019

Bubbling with optimism and excitement, 2FM046 Positive Inspiration is 2nd Foundation Music’s second album written by composer Robert Allen Elliott. Featuring string quintet, piano, drum kit, guitars, ukulele and percussion, tracks range from summery, pop-rock happiness (“Fresh Thinking”) and upbeat motivation (“World of Opportunity”, “Aiming for Excellence”) to cheeky textures (“Innocent Mischief, Perky Optimism”) and lyrical, classical emotion (“Bright Idea”, “Finding Beauty”). Tracks are perfect for moments of motivation, inspiration and upbeat optimism. The blend of classical, pop and rock influences makes this versatile album suitable for corporate use, reality TV, documentaries, advertising, promos, children’s TV and lifestyle programming. Tracks come with a selection of ready-to-use versions - including strings and piano only - as well as in 60-second, 30-second and sting versions. Stems are also available for further customisation.

Track Listing

  1. World of Opportunity
  2. Fresh Thinking
  3. Aiming for Excellence
  4. Positive Beginnings
  5. Perky Optimism
  6. Innocent Mischief
  7. Bright Idea
  8. Elegant Dignity
  9. Hopeful Resolve
  10. Finding Beauty
  11. Happy Productivity
  12. Risk & Ambition
  13. Striving for Tomorrow


Robert Allen Elliott Composer
Strings - Tippett Quartet, Bass - Paul Morgan, Piano - Daryl Griffith, Guitars, Ukulele & Bass Guitar - Sebastian Truman, Percussion - Christopher Elmslie Musicians
Levine Andrade Strings Contractor
Session Producers Daryl Griffith, Bradley Farmer, Wes Hicks & Rhiannon Hitt
Wes Hicks Recording & Mix Engineer
Wes Hicks & Christopher Elmslie Audio Editors
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Rosewood Studios, UK & Institute of Sound Recording, UK Recording Studios
Dan Bullock Album Artwork