2nd Foundation Music

2FM054 || Promo Mixes Volume 3: Powerful Emotions

Posted on Apr 28, 2020

2FM054 Promo Mixes Volume 3: Powerful Emotions is the more reflective, but no less epic, partner album to 2FM052 Promo Mixes Volume 2: Powerful Motivation. The album features a selection of 2FM’s most searingly emotional orchestral tracks with added drums, percussion and atmospheric synths, making them even more expansive and intense than ever before. This album explores a range of powerful emotions, from crushing defeat (“Accepting Defeat”) to seeds of hope (“Journey to Unity”), noble pride (“Honor the Brave”) and bittersweet builds (“Surrendering to Emotions”). Tracks are taken from 2FM003 Challenges & Achievements, 2FM016 Industrial Hybrids, 2FM020 Landscapes & Vistas, 2FM022 Cinematic Promos, 2FM024 Emotional Strings and 2FM026 Heroes & Villains. This album will be suitable for the Olympics and general sports, adverts, promos, war themes, films and documentaries. All tracks are available in stems as well as 60-second, 30-second and sting cutdowns.

Track Listing

  1. Journey to Unity
  2. Emotional Retribution
  3. Honor the Brave
  4. Accepting Defeat
  5. The Fallen Hero
  6. Unforeseen Consequences
  7. Reaching the Summit
  8. Losing Hope
  9. Those Left Behind
  10. Final Farewells
  11. Surrendering to Emotions
  12. Fallen Heroes
  13. Noble Hero


Daryl Griffith, Tanuj Tiku, Bradley Farmer, Neil Cartwright, Chris Trent Composers
Kinga Lőkös Orchestral Contractor
Daryl Griffith Conductor
London Telefilmonic Orchestra & Budapest Film Orchestra Musicians
Tanuj Tiku Producer & Synth Programming
Mayur Hegde Music Editor
Streaky Mastering Engineer
Tom Tom Studio D, Budapest & Institute of Sound Recording, UK Recording Studios
Dan Bullock Album Artwork