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2FM058 || Christmas Mix Volume 3: A Merry Pizzmas

Posted on Aug 07, 2020

2FM058 Christmas Mix Volume 3: A Merry Pizzmas is a handpicked selection of orchestral pizzicato tracks from our catalogue. Reworked with lashings of sleigh bells, glockenspiel and celeste, this album is filled to the brim with joyous festive cheer with a cheeky, childlike feel perfect for holiday TV. Tracks range from excited wonder (“A Day in the Life”) and delicate playfulness (“Perky Polka”, “Peeping Woodfolk”, “Toe in the Water”) to warm, calm underscores (“Life is Good”, “Life Blossoms”). These tracks will be perfect for a variety of Christmas programming, from advertising, documentaries and reality TV to children’s TV and family films. All tracks are available in stems, while some have alternate versions with quirky instrumentation. All tracks also have 60-second, 30-second and sting cutdowns. This album was written by Daryl Griffith.

Track Listing

  1. A Day in the Life
  2. Leisurely Stroll
  3. Sunday Driving
  4. Life Blossoms
  5. Perky Polka
  6. Rise & Shine
  7. Life is Good
  8. Peeping Woodfolk
  9. Toe in the Water
  10. Quirky and Quizzical


Daryl Griffith Composer
Kinga Lőkös Orchestral Contractor
Budapest Film Orchestra Musicians
James Yan Festive Percussion
Péter Barabás, Wes Hicks Recording Engineers
Wes Hicks, James Yan Audio Editors
Wes Hicks, Gerry O'Riordan Mix Engineers
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Dan Bullock Album Artwork
Tom Tom Studio D, Budapest Recording Studio