2nd Foundation Music

2FM063 || Neutral Underscores

Posted on Feb 12, 2021

2FM063 Neutral Underscores is an album built around calm, textural tuned percussion loops, piano and light percussion, and will be perfect for a range of informational content. Moods range between neutral motion (“Insistent Energy”), cool motivation (“Calm Confidence”, “Cool & Collected”) bright positivity (“Endless Possibilities”, “Inspiration in Motion”) and concerned reflection (“Anxious Concerns”, “Cautious Optimism”). The neutral, unobtrusive atmospheres of this album will be well suited for online content, news, documentaries, e-learning and corporate usage. All tracks are ready to use with underscores and sparse versions, with separate stems available. Each track is available with numerous 60-second, 30-second and sting cutdowns, highlighting the different evolving textures. Cyclic textures allow for easy looping, editing and tailoring to picture.

Track Listing

  1. Endless Possibilities
  2. Insistent Energy
  3. Hope & Optimism
  4. Optimistic Development
  5. Calm Confidence
  6. Quirky & Curious
  7. Anxious Concerns
  8. Inspiration in Motion
  9. Uplifting Flow
  10. Calm Analysis
  11. Cool & Collected
  12. Bright Inspiration
  13. Conveying the Facts
  14. Cautious Optimism
  15. Flow of Time


Bradley Farmer, Christopher Elmslie, James Yan, Wes Hicks Composers & Session Producers
Chris Elmslie Percussion
James Yan Additional Percussion & Programming
Wes Hicks Piano & Bass Guitar
Rhiannon Hitt Album Producer
Wes Hicks Recording & Mix Engineer
Bradley Farmer, Wes Hicks, James Yan Audio Editors
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Rosewood Studios, Pembroke Studios Recording Studio
Dan Bullock Album Artwork