2nd Foundation Music

2FM074 Piano Evolutions

Posted on Feb 28, 2022

2FM074 Piano Evolutions is a peaceful and uplifting album of looping, textural underscores featuring flowing piano, electronics, bright synths and driving percussion. Tracks range from beautiful, calm inspiration (“Hopes and Dreams”, “Break Free”, “Moment of Clarity”) to bright, upbeat motivation (“Spinning Clockwork”, “Spring Breeze”, “On a Roll”). These organic, unfolding tracks will be perfectly suited to advertising, documentaries, corporate use and reality TV. All tracks have a subtle, evolving structure, with a slow build giving multiple moods per track. Tracks comes with 60-second, 30-second and sting cutdowns, as well as sparse and alternate versions for ease of editing and tailoring to picture. This album was composed by Carter William and Bob Charles.

Track Listing

  1. Hopes and Dreams
  2. Face to the Sun
  3. Spinning Clockwork
  4. Spring Breeze
  5. First Blossom
  6. Spark of Inspiration
  7. Step By Step
  8. On A Roll
  9. Break Free
  10. Ray of Hope
  11. Fork in the Road
  12. Moment of Clarity


Bob Charles, Carter William Composers
Bob Charles Piano, Percussion, Guitars
Bob Charles Session Producer
Charlie Kay Recording Engineer
Bob Charles, Carter William Synth Programming
Chris Elmslie, Oliver Price Audio Editors
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Summerfield Studios, Birmingham Recording Studio
Esme Hollier Album Artwork