2nd Foundation Music

2FM079 Christmas Mix Volume 5: Naughty or Nice

Posted on Jul 29, 2022

2FM079 Christmas Mix Volume 5: Naughty or Nice is a quirky assortment of 2FM favourites with added festive sparkle! Perky pizzicato, wily woodwinds and tinkering tuned percussion combine with sleigh bells, celeste and chimes to create a light, delicate album brimming with cheeky mischief and innocent curiosity. This album will be suitable for underscoring a wide range of festive content, from children's entertainment to advertising and reality TV. 60-second, 30-second and sting cutdowns are available for all tracks, as well as a variety of underscores and sparse versions for most tracks, allowing for easy tailoring to picture. 2FM079 Christmas Mix Volume 5: Naughty or Nice is composed by Daryl Griffith.

Track Listing

  1. Nursery Games
  2. Sneaking & Creeping
  3. Clueless Innocence
  4. Trinket Box
  5. Airy Fairy
  6. Tinkering Around
  7. Quirky Curiosity
  8. Countryside Morning
  9. Delicate Operation
  10. Curious Coincidence
  11. Delicate Tiptoe
  12. Cosmopolitan Coquette
  13. Bashful Meeting
  14. Story Time


Daryl Griffith Composer
Ivan Cheng, Bradley Farmer, Daryl Griffith, Wes Hicks, Rhiannon Hitt Session Producers
Budapest Film Orchestra Orchestra
John Mills, Jeremy Isaac Quartet Violins
Levine Andrade Quartet Viola
Bozidar Vukotic Quartet Cello
Chris Elmslie, Wes Hicks Percussion
Daryl Griffith Piano
Mihály Borbély Solo Clarinet
James Yan Christmas Programming
Péter Barabás, Wes Hicks, György Mohai Recording Engineers
Ivan Cheng, Chris Elmslie, Wes Hicks, James Yan Audio Editors
Wes Hicks Mix Engineer
Pannónia Stúdió, Budapest, Tom Tom Studio D, Budapest & Pembroke Studios, UK, Rosewood Studios, UK, Institute of Sound Recording, UK Recording Studios
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Esme Hollier Album Artwork