2nd Foundation Music

2FM082 Uplifting Promos

Posted on Oct 25, 2022

2FM082 Uplifting Promos is a powerful album of emotional orchestral promos, with flowing piano, soaring strings, noble horns, beautiful vocals and strident percussion & drums. This album will be perfect for creating uplifting emotions for promos, adverts and reality TV. All parts have been recorded in stems, with additional overdubs of short and long strings. This has allowed for a great tonal variety within the different versions, ranging from smooth, melodic majesty to rhythmic, driving energy, on top of more standard strings, piano, and orchestra-only reductions. All tracks have a building structure with pauses, creating a distinct, act-based structure. However, continuous edits without breaks are available for all tracks and versions for a more natural, flowing build.

Track Listing

  1. Strident Return
  2. The Future Awaits
  3. Shoot for the Stars
  4. World of Hope
  5. Burst into Colour
  6. Bright New Day
  7. Rush of Emotions
  8. Dreams Take Flight
  9. Past Reflections
  10. Together At Last


Paul Reeves Composer
Paul Reeves Piano
CL Music Orchestral Contractors
Daryl Griffith Session Conductor
Budapest Film Orchestra Orchestra
Matthew French Percussion
Julie Elven Vocals
Dan Redding Guitar
Péter Barabás, Gergő Láposi, Paul Reeves Recording Engineers
Paul Reeves Session Producer
James Yan Audio Editor
Wes Hicks Mix Engineer
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer