2nd Foundation Music

2FM087 Upbeat Lifestyle

Posted on Mar 27, 2023

2FM087 Upbeat Lifestyle is a bright, positive album of indie inspired underscores, featuring acoustic & electric guitars, drums, light tuned percussion and keyboards. Aimed at lifestyle TV and home improvements, this album covers a range of light, inspirational moods for DIY projects and tasking, from driving determination ("Find Your Stride", "Feeling Inspired") to satisfying results ("All We Hoped For", "The Next Steps”). With its clean, commercial tone, this album will comfortably underscore a range of popular TV uses, from lifestyle and reality TV to documentaries and advertising. Most tracks have a building structure, with pauses between sections allowing for easy cutting to picture. Each track also includes an underscore, as well as 60-second, 30-second and sting edits. 2FM087 Upbeat Lifestyle is written by Richie Aikman and Carter William.

Track Listing

  1. Find Your Stride
  2. Feeling Inspired
  3. Get Up And Go
  4. Simple Steps
  5. Happy Days
  6. Just Right
  7. On The Bright Side
  8. Nearly There
  9. Home Run
  10. Dreams Come True
  11. All We Hoped For
  12. The Next Steps


Ritchie Aikman, Carter William Composers
Richie Aikman Guitars
Ally Mcdougal Drums
Stuart Roslyn Session Producer
Richie Aikman, Ally McDougal Recording Engineers
Oliver Price, Chris Elmslie Audio Editors
Stuart Roslyn Mix Engineer
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Rosewood Studio, Redhill Recording Studio
Esme Hollier Album Artwork