2nd Foundation Music

2FM088 American Storytelling

Posted on Apr 05, 2023

2FM088 American Storytelling is a beautiful, cinematic album inspired by American family films, featuring piano, warm orchestral strings, delicate folk instruments and atmospheric synths. The album has a strong narrative feel, from tender beginnings (“Safe and Sound”), to reflective soul-searching (“Cast Adrift”, “Unknown Path”) and determined momentum (“On The Move”, “Bustling Streets”). This album has a modern yet sentimental feel, perfect for heartwarming, emotional stories and hopeful inspiration. With colourful textures ranging from full orchestra to light guitars & dulcimers, there are plenty of options for each track with assorted underscores and alternate versions. 60-second, 30-second and sting edits are also available for convenient tailoring to picture. 2FM088 American Storytelling is written by Daryl Griffith.

Track Listing

  1. Set In Motion
  2. Running Start
  3. The Day Begins
  4. Safe And Sound
  5. Renewed Faith
  6. The World Awaits
  7. On The Move
  8. Inner Purpose
  9. Cast Adrift
  10. Unknown Path
  11. Feels Like Home
  12. Bustling Streets


Daryl Griffith Composer, Conductor, Piano
Marton Barka Orchestral Contractor
Synchron Stage Orchestra Orchestra
Chris Elmslie Percussion & Tuned Percussion
Richie Aikman Guitar, Mandolin & Ukulele
Wes Hicks Bass Guitar
Bradley Farmer, Daryl Griffith, Rhiannon Hitt Session Producers
Martin Weismayr, Wes Hicks, Ronan Phelan Recording Engineers
Wes Hicks, James Yan Audio Editing & Synth Programming
Wes Hicks Mixing Engineer
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Esme Hollier Album Artwork
Synchron Stage Vienna, Rosewood Studio, UK & Masterchord Studio, UK Recording Studios