2nd Foundation Music

2FM090 Christmas Mix Volume 6: Heartfelt Holidays

Posted on Jun 08, 2023

2FM090 Christmas Mix Volume 6: Heartfelt Holidays is a warm, emotional Christmas album featuring selected 2FM tracks remixed with celeste and sleigh bells. Aimed at holiday family programming, this album is perfect for telling heartwarming stories, from innocent beginnings (“Playful Youth”, “Starting Anew”) to cosy reflection (“Homely Comforts” “Remembering The Good Times”) and joyous excitement (“Village Jig”). This album will beautifully underscore a range of heartwarming Christmas programming. Some tracks have a strong narrative build perfect for family films, while other, more single-mood tracks are suitable for documentaries, advertising & reality TV. 2FM090 Christmas Mix Volume 6: Heartfelt Holidays is written by Daryl Griffith, Pauline Hawsthorne and Bradley Farmer.

Track Listing

  1. Playful Youth
  2. Starting Anew
  3. Morning Awakens
  4. Thoughtful Questions
  5. Homely Comforts
  6. Happy Insistence
  7. Plain Sailing
  8. Remembering The Good Times
  9. Excited Emotions
  10. Village Jig


Daryl Griffith, Pauline Hawsthorne, Bradley Farmer Composers
Daryl Griffith Piano
CL Music, Levine Andrade Orchestral Contractors
London Telefilmonic Orchestra, Budapest Film Orchestra Orchestras
Bradley Farmer, Wes Hicks Session Producers
Gerry O'Riordan, Tamás Kurina, Gregő Dorozsmai, Peter Barabás, Ronan Phelan, Gergő Láposi Recording Engineers
Wes Hicks, Ivan Cheng, James Yan, Gergő Láposi, Péter Barabás Audio Editors
Gerry O'Riordan, Wes Hicks Mix Engineers
James Yan Christmas Programming
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Masterchord Studios - London, Institute of Sound Recording - Surrey, Tom Tom Láng - Budapest Recording Studios
Esme Hollier Album Artwork