2nd Foundation Music

2FM094 Soft Simplicity

Posted on Jan 08, 2024

2FM094 Soft Simplicity is a tender and life-affirming album written by Paul Reeves. With intimate chamber strings, felt piano, subtle percussion and textural beds, this album conjures up feelings of love, hope and nostalgia in a fresh and understated way. From the soaring melodies of “Hand in Hand” to the cozy comfort of “All Wrapped Up”, and the bittersweet reflection of “Memento” to the heartwarming waltz “Dreams Of Home”, each track contains a captivating narrative brought to life with live musicians. In every track, scoring gently evolves and blossoms around a simple concept - making them easy to edit to adverts, documentaries and emotive storytelling. Additionally, tracks come in a range of versions and cutdowns, as well as stems, for added flexibility.

Track Listing

  1. Hand in Hand
  2. Little Joys
  3. Gentle Touch
  4. Beauty in Everything
  5. Peace and Quiet
  6. Memento
  7. Peace Of Mind
  8. Dancing Colours
  9. All Wrapped Up
  10. Simpler Times
  11. All Is Good
  12. Dreams Of Home
  13. For Tomorrow


Paul Reeves Composer
Paul Reeves Session Producer
John Mills, Magnus Johnston & Ruth Funnell Violins
Paul Reeves Piano
Lydia Lowndes-Northcott Viola
Bozidar Vukotik Cello
Stephen Williams Double Bass
Daniel Redding Guitar & Ukulele
Chris Baron Percussion
Ronan Phelan & Paul Reeves Audio Engineers
Wes Hicks Audio Editor & Mixing Engineer
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Esme Hollier Album Artwork
Master Chord Studio, UK & Alexandra Studio, UK Recording Studios