2nd Foundation Music

2FM097 Choir Emotions

Posted on Feb 13, 2024

With magnificent choral harmonies woven through with vocal rhythms and delicate electronic textures, 2FM097 Choir Emotions takes us on a compelling journey through the kaleidoscope of human experience. This album encompasses the wonder of the universe ("Aurora", "Celestial Bodies"), the joys and sorrows of love and loss ("Together Again", "Lament Of The Soul") and the mystery of ancient rituals ("Forbidden Folklore", "Living Spirits"). Using both traditional choral harmony and vocal polyrhythms, all with ooh and aah sounds rather than lyrics, these tracks blend the familiar and the unexpected. This album was written by Bradley Farmer, and is the first choral album on the 2nd Foundation Music label. 2FM097 Choir Emotions will be well-suited to documentaries, religious settings, films and commercials: especially deeply emotional or profound moments. Tracks come with a variety of versions and cutdowns, and stems are also available, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your project.

Track Listing

  1. Celestial Bodies
  2. Ancient Ritual
  3. Aurora
  4. Finding Peace
  5. Forbidden Folklore
  6. Together Again
  7. Winds Of Change
  8. The Closing Chapter
  9. Lament Of The Soul
  10. Living Spirits
  11. Peaceful Respite


Bradley Farmer Composer
CL Music Choir Contractor
Daryl Griffith Conductor
Budapest Film Choir Choir
Péter Barabás Audio Enginer
Bradley Farmer Session Producer
Wes Hicks & Ben Griffin Audio Editors
Wes Hicks Mix Engineer
Gregory Heath Mastering Engineer
Esme Hollier Album Artwork
Tom Tom Láng, Budapest Recording Studio