2nd Foundation Music

Albums in Review Part V: Vignettes & Vistas

Posted on Jan 24, 2018

Welcome to the fifth instalment of our Albums in Review, where we dig out some old gems from the back catalogue. Here’s another assortment of gorgeous music to lose yourself in, featuring intimate piano sketches, moody guitars, all-out show tunes and orchestral exploration to the furthest reaches of the Earth. Watch the videos or click on the player to have a listen. As always, if you'd like to use our music for a commercial production please get in touch with our distributors. Otherwise, you can buy the music for personal use exclusively through CD Baby.

Sometimes it’s important to get back to basics, and 2FM017 Piano Motion does just that. An album of forty impressions for solo piano, each piece has its own distinct personality, flow and sense of movement. From urgency to serenity, from the sprightly to mellow, you’ll find tiny stories and character sketches rendered in this most simple yet expressive of forms.

2FM018 Family Film Scoring is a toe-tapping, glitzy showstopper of an album. Drawing on classic animated films and songs for inspiration, the full orchestra is unleashed in its kaleidoscopic glory for a shamelessly bubbly and larger-than-life collection. Sumptuous, song-like melodies and lush textures abound as we visit enchanted woodlands and stately ballrooms, encounter goblins and princes, and experience the beginnings of an intrepid adventure together with the joy of safely returning home.

2FM019 Cinematic Guitar Moods is a captivating take on the familiar yet humble instrument and will immerse you in worlds from grimy urban cityscapes to bleak wilderness. Featuring a myriad of sounds, from glassy harmonics to grungy strumming, ethereal acoustic melodies to rumbling driving bass, this album is particularly remarkable in that every sound originated from a live guitar played by composers Bradley Farmer and Sebastian Truman.

2FM020 Orchestral Landscapes and Vistas swoops and soars over grand panoramas, visiting the most beautiful corners of the world from tropical islands to Arctic tundras. Be swept away on an orchestral adventure over volcanoes and rainforests, or experience the magic of daybreak and the coming of Spring. Just be sure to return...