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New Release || 2FM026 Heroes and Villains

Posted on Jul 21, 2017

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s … drumroll please


This album has been a long time in the works: Composer Daryl Griffith started composing in November, orchestral recording took place at Tom-Tom studios, Budapest in March, and coconuts were recorded in April. But we promise you, it’s worth the wait. Epic battles, ominous foreboding, emotional reflections and triumphant endings are rendered in live cinematic orchestral sound, complete with rich, strident brass themes, swelling string melodies, harp glissandi, fluttering woodwinds and rousing percussion.

hav edited-13.jpg

hav edited-16.jpg

Wes embraces the latest SFX technology.

From old-school silver-screen sounds to cutting-edge modern scoring, clashing swords to machine warfare, forces of good and evil go head to head in this most technicoloured of albums. Pull on your cowboy boots, don your cape, dust off your tricorn pirate hat and sit tight!

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Set sail on a rollicking adventure over the high seas with thundering drums and stabbing brass:

Pirate King 30B

Or escape the machines with ticking synth:

Bionic Warrior 30C

MMUK HAV Mastering Photo.jpg

We also honour the real-life military heroes with stirring brass, proud snare drums and heart-wrenching strings:

Noble Hero 30C

hav edited-2.jpg

Of course, there are a few classic Hollywood numbers in there too. Featuring the full dazzling breadth of a symphony orchestra, you’re bound to be swept off your feet:

Golden Age Superhero 30B

hav edited-1-4.jpg

For a little more insight into the making of the album and extra snippets of music, take a look at our release video:

This music will sit perfectly with big-screen productions and promos, especially adventure, war, fantasy and family films, as well as advertising, newsreels, sports and military programming. Many of these tracks will also work well in sparse underscore form, and all tracks are available with stems so that the music can be tailored precisely to your needs.

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