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New Release || 2FM028 Uplifting Success: Piano Quintet

Posted on Sep 15, 2017

Joining our catalogue this month is 2FM028 Uplifting Success: Piano Quintet, 2nd Foundation Music's first full album from acclaimed composer Robert Allen Elliott.

We thought we knew piano and strings very well (just scan through our back catalogue) but Robert's deft writing has shone new light on this classic combination. This album is overflowing with optimism, vivacity and hope, bubbly, conversational melodies, fresh pizzicato strings, and perky, rhythmic accompaniments.

2FM028 PCQ--2.jpg

From raindrop-like pizzicato and soaring solos over myriad textures and warm harmonies:

A New Day 30A

To percussive cello:

Inspiring Ideas 30B

As well as cool syncopated loops:

Successul Endeavours 30A

We imagine the album being used for business and the corporate world (for example, training videos), advertising, underscores and even some children's programming. The music is upbeat, clean, smart and optimistic, illustrating inspirational thinking, reaching for success, and working together for a common goal.

2FM028 PCQ-07.jpg

The Institute of Sound Recording was ours for three days in early July as we recorded first the piano, then the string sessions. We were lucky enough to be joined by three quarters of the Tippett Quartet - John Mills, Jeremy Isaac and Bozidar Vukotic on violins I, II and cello respectively - the illustrious Levine Andrade on the viola, and of course our very own Daryl Griffith on the keys. The eagle-eyed amongst you may recognise Bozidar as the cellist who recorded Intimate Drama: Piano & Cello with us, and Levine is also our UK Musician Contractor.

2FM028 PCQ-06.jpg

We also had the pleasure of being joined by Robert himself, who was in the studio via conference call and could add his creative input as we recorded - at least in the afternoons, as Utah is 7 hours behind the UK.

Enjoy our video to hear more music and find out a little more about the inspirations behind the album:

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