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New Release || 2FM025 Piano Simplicity

Posted on May 05, 2017


Piano Simplicity is the latest album off the press here at 2FM. We commissioned our composers to write clean and atmospheric music for piano, and we now have a beautifully sleek, understated yet diverse album to add to the library.
Recorded live at the Institute of Sound Recording in Surrey, UK, with Daryl at the keys, the album takes us through a whole spectrum of moods and emotions. From the meandering peacefulness of Tranquil Reflections to the relentless energy of Joyful Animation, the barren desolation of Estranged to the whimsical warmth of Gentle Assurance, each track reaches to the heart of its personality with succinct elegance.

This album's sparse simplicity lends itself to a wide variety of uses. We imagine tracks underscoring adverts, daytime programming, reality TV and corporate films. Some tracks, such as Whimsical Innocence, would be at home on lifestyle or children’s TV, whereas Uneasy Anxiety could easily underscore moments of high tension, drama or even crime.


Have a peek at our video to hear a bit more about the album from Daryl and Bradley, and to catch a few snippets of what we have in store for you. Unfortunately, Daryl’s ghost impression didn’t make it to the final cut of the album…

Our thanks go to all the team at 2FM and of course our composers, Gabriel Trott, Pauline Hawsthorne and Kurt Weiss. Piano Simplicity is available now from our distributors throughout the world.


The team having a mood-lit tea break. But who's who?