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Spring news: Shakers to Sitars

Posted on Mar 29, 2018

2018 is well and truly underway at 2FM HQ and Spring has rolled around fast. With it has brought the release of three - soon to be four - new albums, an LA awards ceremony, recording sessions in Budapest, Mumbai, London and Surrey, as well as exciting new track placements, picks and playlist features. To get us in the mood for Spring (which still feels so far away in rainy England) here's a selection of warm and gentle tracks:

Music for Spring Mornings 1080.jpg

To hear the full 2FM-exclusive playlist, hop over to WCPM Germany's Music For Spring Mornings.

After the Christmas break, we were straight back in the studio in Surrey recording material for new albums. Now that the 2FM team has expanded, we are able to record some smaller albums completely in-house - covering all jobs on both sides of the glass, from producing to engineering, filming to playing.


Wes in the producer's hot seat.



Who needs Easter Eggs when you've got shakers?

The first instalment, recorded in July, will be ready for your ears very soon.

However, there are some instruments that we still can't play...! One of our composers, Tanuj Tiku (who co-wrote 2FM022 Cinematic Promos with Daryl), has been busy recording in Mumbai for an album release in June. We can guarantee that it's sounding marvellous and unlike anything we have released so far. Here's a hint to give you a clue of what's to come:


In February, our Production Director Bradley Farmer was nominated for an MPSE Golden Reel Award for his music editing work on Baby Driver. He persuaded Daryl to go with him to Los Angeles for some company on the red carpet:


Not that Daryl needed much persuading, of course!

In March, we battled the snow and squeezed in a quick trip to Budapest to lay down orchestral tracks for a fun and fabulous album due out in the summer. Liz and Rhiannon kept toasty and quiet as mice (or rather, cats and badgers) whilst padding around the studio and filming the players in action.



APM Music have kindly chosen 2FM030 Orchestral Hybrids: Tension, Reflection & Drama as an editor's pick for this month. If you need reminding of this album, here are a couple of our favourite tracks:

A track from 2FM028 Uplifting Success: Piano Quintet found a spot on Saturday Night Live. This bright, positive album has been really popular with our distributors and clients. With its catchy melodies and intimate energy, it isn't hard to see why.

We also released 2FM031 Contemporary String Quartet and 2FM032 Anthemic Orchestral Rock, which are now available for commercial use from our distributors. For more information on either of these albums, see the promo videos on our Youtube and have a read of our blog posts.

There's plenty for you to look forward to over the next few months - and please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

2FM Easter Egg hunt.jpg

Bonus Easter Egg hunt, featuring erstwhile 2FM composers Seb and Bradley.

Have a Happy Easter, and stay tuned for more fabulous music!