2nd Foundation Music

2nd Foundation Music is a high-end Production Music Library, priding itself on innovative compositions and the highest production standards. Directors Daryl Griffith and Bradley Farmer have, between them, decades of experience working at the top level in Feature Film, Television, and Production Music.

Latest Releases

2FM028 Uplifting Success: Piano Quintet

2FM028 Uplifting Success: Piano Quintet is a joyous celebration of optimism, hope and reaching for [...]

2FM027 Americana

2FM027 Americana draws together the eclectic flavours of America’s Folk & Roots music and reworks [...]

2FM026 Heroes & Villains

2FM026 Heroes & Villains is a large-scale orchestral album that takes us on a Technicolor [...]


New Release || 2FM028 Uplifting Success: Piano Quintet

Posted on Sep 15, 2017

A vibrant and optimistic album for Piano and String Quartet, written by Robert Allen Elliott, is hot off the press from 2nd Foundation Music. [...]

News Roundup August 2017: On the Road Again

Posted on Aug 31, 2017

Catch up on the last few (busy) months at 2FM. [...]

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