2nd Foundation Music

2nd Foundation Music is a high-end Production Music Library, priding itself on innovative compositions and the highest production standards. Directors Daryl Griffith and Bradley Farmer have, between them, decades of experience working at the top level in Feature Film, Television, and Production Music.

Latest Releases

2FM032 Anthemic Orchestral Rock

2FM032 Anthemic Orchestral Rock is an instrumental album that combines the sounds of an epic, [...]

2FM031 Contemporary String Quartet

2FM031 Contemporary String Quartet is an album of quartet pieces from a contemporary perspective. Haunting, [...]

2FM030 Orchestral Hybrids: Tension, Reflection & Drama

2FM030 Orchestral Hybrids: Tension, Reflection & Drama is a diverse collection of underscore tracks using [...]


New Release || 2FM031 Contemporary String Quartet

Posted on Feb 15, 2018

Discover the gut-wrenching drama, twists and turns of 2FM's latest album, 2FM031 Contemporary String Quartet. [...]

Albums in Review Part V: Vignettes & Vistas

Posted on Jan 24, 2018

Explore small, delicate character sketches to the most expansive cinematic landscapes in this round-up of our back-catalogue. [...]

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