2nd Foundation Music

2nd Foundation Music is a high-end Production Music Library, priding itself on innovative compositions and the highest production standards. Directors Daryl Griffith and Bradley Farmer have, between them, decades of experience working at the top level in Feature Film, Television, and Production Music.

Latest Releases

2FM070 Majestic Planet

2FM070 Majestic Planet is a wondrous journey through the beautiful landscapes of planet Earth, from [...]

2FM069 Pure Percussion

With stomps, shakers, claps, clicks, bongos, bass drums, bottles and bells, 2FM069 Pure Percussion is [...]

2FM068 Christmas Mix Volume 4: Neoclassical Orchestra

2FM068 Christmas Mix Volume 4: Neoclassical Orchestra is a beautiful album of magical Christmas tracks, [...]


The Last Flight To Budapest

Posted on Nov 17, 2020

Daryl spends nearly two months out in Budapest, working on a bumper crop of recording sessions for 2FM. [...]

Summer News & Lockdown Blues

Posted on Jun 19, 2020

Remote sessions, quarantine vlogs and making friends with a plant: how we've all been coping in lockdown. [...]

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